Who we are

Who we are

Independent excellence in
Engineering and consultancy

ENCKE is more than an engineering and consultancy company;
We are a dedicated team of professionals driven by engineering excellence search. Established as a private company,
we are proudly independent of any economic or institutional interests. Our mission is clear: to provide multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy services that are unparalleled in the industry, energy and natural resources sectors.

engineering, energy and
natural resources

Deliver the best technical solutions to our customers, allowing them to generate value in a sustainable way. Our vision is focused on commitment. Commitment to our customers, the communities with which we interact and the environment.
These are the fundamentals that guide our actions: rigor, respect, collaboration, demand, determination, flexibility, and integrity.

our team

Our team guarantees the integrity and coordination of the several technical areas, which we believe is the key to providing excellent services.

ENCKE's resources have accumulated, over decades of engineering practice in national and international reference companies, relevant experience developing projects, providing engineering and consultancy services in the Industry, Environment, Energy and Natural resources sectors.